Here we see a very revealing photo of the Squabbery and the photos of the Squabbery Department. The building to the far left is the Poultry Managers Office, with the building right behind that being the Feed Barn.

Next on the far left is the Squabbery Managers Home. This is the tall building near the left with the chimney. Like other Anna Dean Farm Departments the Squabbery Manager lived with his charges. In the middle the long low building is the Squabbery itself, where the pigeons were kept.

The tall building to the far right is the East side of the Barber Hotel which directly abutted the Squabbery.

Here we see a close-up of the Squabbery pens. These iron pens used to house the squabs or pigeons were actually on the second floor east side of the Squabbery. The Squabbery pens were accessed from steel ladder placed on the East side of the Squabbery. The tall building to the far right of the Squabbery is the Barber Hotel.

Actually looking east down the inside of the iron pens that housed the squabs at the Squabbery. Each day Mr. Barber had for breakfast two squabs and a hearty bowl of Anna Dean Farm oatmeal.


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