Farm Manager's House (South Gate House)

This building at the intersection of Anna Dean Lane and Ohio 619 (Fifth Street) is the entrance most used by the public to the east side of the Anna Dean Farm. The building served as a dual purpose, being both the south gate house and the Anna Dean Farm Managers Home. Again, just as at the north gate house, the gate posts are clearly marked ANNA and DEAN to reflect the names of Mr. Barber's daughter Anna Laura and her husband Arthur Dean Bevan.

This view of the Farm Managers home was taken on a Saturday. Notice the wagons of silage with the Farm Managers Home or south gate house in the background. The long straight driveway (Anna Dean Lane) led through this second set of Farm gates and up to the Mansion, which is situated to the north of the roadway. Anna Dean Lane proceeded east beyond the Mansion passing between the Colt Barn and Barn No 2.

This photo was taken the very next day is Sunday. Notice that all of the silage has not been put away from the wagon. Also please notice the Mansion near the upper left of the photo and the tourists and Model T's lining both Fifth Street and Anna Dean Lane. On Sundays, the Anna Dean Farm was open for public tours. The people would flock to the Farm to picnic and visit the Mansion and various barns and outbuildings. We feel that tourism of the existing buildings on the Anna Dean Farm can again become a weekly reality, and an economic stimulus for Barberton.


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