Barber Hotel

The Barber Hotel was one of the most unusual building on the 3500 acre Anna Dean Farm. The Barber Hotel was not really a hotel at all but a dormitory for the single Anna Dean Farm workers to live in. This brick 3 1/2 story building was located at the North end of the Scabby. The curving wall you see to the left outlined a road that ran off Third Street by Barn No 1, past the Oak Grove. The low wooden structure you see on the right side of the photo was the Wheel Room, that housed the mechanism to raise and lower the sluice gate that would drain the pond system and clean out the slaughter shop.

Here we see the Barber Hotel on the far right side of the photo. The Barber Hotel was the far northern building of the Poultry Department. The building just to the left of the Hotel is the Squabery and to the far left is the Squabery Managers Home.

This is a view looking across the pond by the Concrete Bridge at the Barber Hotel. Notice the wooden wheel room to the right of the photo directly next to the hotel. This is the building that contained the large wheel that opened the sluice gate to drain the pond.

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