Mansion Grounds

Here we see the grounds immediately surrounding the Mansion. These are the immediate environs of the Mansion. This is an early aerial view taken from a blimp or hot air balloon.

This view of the Mansion on the East side shows the back porch and all of the heavy plantings around the Mansion.

Moving closer to the rear of the Mansion, which sat on the circular driveway we see the breakfast room, and note the top of the Mansion's elevator shaft with its glass domed ceiling. One of the things that O. C. Barber imported into Barberton from China, was the Ailanthus tree, or Tree of Heaven. This exotic tree was planted around the Mansion and unfortunately quickly spread to much of the Barberton area. You will find these trees with their bad odor growing wild in much of Barberton.

Here we see Mr and Mrs Barber and their three dogs walking around the Mansion. Here they are on the sidewalk running between the Mansion and the Powerhouse. The Mansion is in the background.

The Mansion looking north west from the entry drive at the fork in the road on the circular driveway. The shrubbery surrounding the concrete planter is bayberry.

This is a rare view of the pond in the middle of the circular driveway that separated the Mansion and the Power House. Here we see the fountain running in the middle of the pond on the island of boulders at the center of the pond.

This view of the Power House / Auto Garage is taken from the roof of the Mansion looking east, overlooking the purple Martin birdhouse on the pillar.

This is a close-up of the forty room purple Martin house on top the birdhouse pillar. This birdhouse was approximately six foot high. The top part of this purple Martin house was modeled after Independence Hall in Philadelphia and contained a working clock that chimed out the hour.

This is the view of the walkway from the North side of the Mansion terrace. You notice the Mansion in the distance. This walkway was heavily planted in flowers. On the left you see the thatched summer house.

This is a view of Mr. Barber and the dogs, Laddy Boy, Paddy, and Bob posing on one of the concrete bench near the Wishing Well.

This is a view of the O. C. Barber Wishing Well, or as it was often called, The Old Oaken Bucket. The Wishing Well is on the path leading from the North terrace of the Mansion.

The Wishing Well was one of the premier tourist attractions on the East side of the Anna Dean Farm. Here on a Sunday tourists pose on the Wishing Well.

This is a view of the South west corner the Mansion looking across the front lawn to the double rows of concrete grape arbors. These arbors ran east to west on the Mansion grounds, north west of the Mansion.

The grape arbors looking due east through the South grape arbor with the West side of the Mansion in the background.

A close-up of the grapes on the grape arbors after they have come into full bloom. Here we see O.C. Barber samples the concord grapes. The dogs from left to right were Paddy, Bob, and Laddy Boy.

This is a view looking west at the four rose arbors at the western end of the grounds of the Mansion. In the distance you see the twin towers of Barn No 3.

A close-up of the rose arbors with the profusion of roses on the rose arbors. In this view the roses are just coming into bloom.

This is the formal garden area west of the rose arbors. The arches are wooden rose trellis, and in the distance you see one of the formal flower pots in this area.

Close-up of concrete planter and pedestal with serpents body for handle. This was in the formal garden of the Mansion. This is one of the most unusual planters on the Anna Dean Farm. This planter is very much keeping with the art nouveau style.

Mrs. Barber (left) and Mr. Barber's secretary Alice Bonsteadt posing with Laddy Boy near one of the arched wooden rose trellis that lead into the private kitchen garden on the North end of the Mansion.

Alice Bonsteadt on the Mansion terrace near the concrete balustrade and Mansion planter. This photo was taken on the formal west side of the Mansion, which over looked Barberton.

Mrs. Barber standing and Ohio Columbus Barber sitting pose with Laddy Boy on one of the Mansion's concrete benches on the terrace on the West side of the Mansion.


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