Green House Complex

This is a view of the Green house complex on Robinson Ave. The Green houses built on Robinson Ave, by Ohio C. Barber were used to grow flowers and fruits. The white house pictured on the left hand side of the photo is the Samuel Keppler house. This house was on the property when Mr. Barber acquired it in 1905 and was left standing. It served as a home for one of the family men, working on the Anna Dean Farm. Next to the Keppler house, you see the largest of the green house buildings. This is the Heating House and was used to house the twin Stirling boilers that heated the green houses. Directly due east of the Heating House you can see the Green House Managers Home. This is where the manager of the green houses lived with his family. Finally you see the 5 acres of green houses stretching out on the property.

Here we see the Heating House on the right, the Green house managers home in the center and the Conservatory on the far left. In front of the Heating House we see a large Chestnut tree that was growing on the Samuel Keppler property when O.C. Barber acquired it. Always respectful of big beautiful trees O.C. Barber actually left this tree stand in front of the Heating House without disturbing it, actually building the Heating House behind it. For the most part the barns and out buildings on the Anna Dean Farm, have no trees growing near them. Only the Mansion and grounds were landscaped. Mr. Barber believed that you should be able to look between the barns and outbuildings without many visual obstructions.

Here we see some photos of the interior of the green houses. The top two photos shows clusters of grapes in one of the green houses on Robinson Ave. In the next photo taken from Robinson Ave, you see the Barber Conservatory on the left, the Green House Managers Home in the middle and the Heating House on the far extreme right. The bottom photo shows the Green House managers home and some of the first green houses built behind it.

This is a view of the Rose house in the greenhouse complex with the roses in bloom.

This is a view of the Orchard house with the orchids in full bloom


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