North Gate House

Here we have a view of the Main Gate House, with its surrounding wall. The Main Gate House, or Lodge House as it is sometimes called sits prominently at the corner of Fifth and Robinson Ave.

This building, the north or main, gatehouse at Fifth and Robinson Ave was the main entrance to the Mansion area, and O. C. Barber's Anna Dean Farm. Mr. Barber had named his 3500 acre estate after his only daughter, Anna Laura, and her husband, Arthur Dean Bevan, hence the name Anna Dean on the gate posts.

This postcard view shows the beauty of the main gate house. The gates swung open on to the well landscaped 40 acre Barber Park. The driveway between the gates, gently curved up through the woods leading to the O. C. Barber Mansion. Only Mr. Barber, and his friends were allowed to drive through this entrance up to the Mansion.

This is a view seldom seen by the general public. We have entered the Anna Dean Farm gates to the left of the photo and we are looking across one of the flower beds at the north east corner of the north or main gatehouse.


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