This is a view of the O. C. Barber Creamery, built in 1909, at the same time Barn No 1 was constructed. The Creamery is located directly due east of Barn No 1 and it was here that all of the milk was bottled and the Anna Dean Farm ice cream was made.

Here we see the West side of the busy Anna Dean Farm Creamery. The rear of this building was used to bottle the milk and make ice cream on the Farm. Notice near the center of this photo you see a set of steps that rise up the loading dock area in the Creamery. Near the side door for the apartment we see a Model T. Ford, one of the pieces of modern equipment used to move about the massive 3500 acre Farm.

The inside of the Creamery showing some of the milk processing equipment. Here they processed in a sanitary manner up to 10,000 pounds of milk per day.

Here we see one of the milk wagons on the Anna Dean Farm. These wagons began their journey in the early morning from the Creamery and peddled their milk around Barberton. Notice the sign on the back of the wagon is a drawing of Barn No 2 and a large version of an Anna Dean Farm milk bottle.

Close up of the sign on the the Anna Dean Farm Milk Wagons.

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