This is a view of the Anna Dean Farm Conservatory. This special domed green house was built on the far north eastern corner of the Anna Dean Farm Greenhouse complex on Robinson Ave. This beautiful glass conservatory was built to house Mr. Barber's banana tree that was brought up from South America.

This is the inside of the O.C. Barber Conservatory, showing Mr. Barber's banana tree. Although we now take having bananas for granted they were considered quite rare at the turn of the 20th Century. Mr. Barber enjoyed his daily breakfast consisting of Anna Dean Farm cereal topped with fresh bananas from the Conservatory.

This is another view of the inside of the Conservatory showing some of the tropical palms grown for placement in the Mansion. Besides the famed banana tree the Conservatory was also used to grow palms and ferns that were both sold and used to decorate the Mansion.


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