Chicken Yard

This is a view of the Chicken Yard in the Anna Dean Poultry Department. Across Second Street, on the hill, you can see the Brooder Barn. The Poultry Department consisted of the Feed Barn, the Chicken and Duck Yards, the Poultry Manager's Office, and the Poultry Manager's home, all located in close proximity to each other.

The Chicken Yard and Duck Yard were actually the areas between an 1100 foot long wall that ran along Second Street and the Squabbery. The Ducks were kept separated from the Chickens by a wall that connected the Feed Barn and the Poultry Manager's Office. In initially the Chickens were located in the yard north of the Poultry Manager's Office and the ducks were located in the yard south of the Poultry Manager's Office. The brooder hens were kept laying eggs in the Brooder Barn, while the roosters and non laying hens were kept in the Chicken Yard.

Here we see a view of the Chicken Yard with the Poultry Manager's Office, which is the brick and block structure on Second Street. In the distance is the all white block Poultry Manager's Home. Near the bottom of the photo you see the Anna Dean Farm Smoke House, with the red tile roof and next to it is a gardener's shack made out of concrete block.

This is a view looking from the Hotel to the south west. Here we see the Brooder Barn in the distance to the left and the Turkey Barn to the right. Near the bottom of the photo you see the inside of the concrete wall of the Chicken Yard.

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