Barn No. 2

This postcard view of taken from behind the Power House is of Barn No 2. This is the large towered building on the right. On the left of the photo we see the Machine Barn or Implement House on the Anna Dean Farm.

Perhaps the prettiest of the Anna Dean Farm barns is Barn No 2. This large U shaped cattle barn faces Anna Dean Lane in a 1912 postcard view.

Originally constructed in 1910 for cattle, Barn No 2 was converted to a horse Barn in 1912. Here we see some of the team horses on the Anna Dean Farm who resided at Barn No 2.

This is a view of Jupiter Chief in the court yard of Barn No 2. Jupiter Chief was the prize Belgian stallion on the Anna Dean Farm. This breed of horse, a slightly smaller cousin of the Clydesdale, weighted in at 2000 pounds. Jupiter Chief was known for his thick mane and shining dappled chestnut coat.

Here we see the courtyard of Barn No 2 used to host a real estate company picnic on the Anna Dean Farm. Again tourism was a big part of the Anna Dean Farm at the beginning of the 20th Century and we feel that it can again play a part in Barberton's development in the 21st Century.


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