Barn No. 1

After 1910, the US Government changed the health regulations for the production and handling of milk and this required new barn designs. The new barns were designed to house cows on a washable concrete floor in steel pipe stanchion. Steel ducts, encased in wood lead from the ground floor of the barns on the Anna Dean Farm up to the coupolas on top of the roof. This system provided fresh air for the cows and a series of windows gave light to the stanchion areas. In addition to these Government requirements the cow barns on the Anna Dean Farm also featured windows that opened to allow for cross ventilation. O. C. Barber also installed large electric fans to help circulate air within the cow barns to furthur keep the cattle comfortable.

This is a view of west side of Barn No 1, the first cattle barn, built on the Anna Dean Farm. Completed in 1909, Barn No 1 was quickly dubbed the largest barn in the world by the Akron Beacon Journal.

Here we see the interior stanchion area of Barn No 1. Here the Guernsey cattle stand facing into the middle area of Barn No 1. The cattle are fed by having their food placed on a moving conveyor.

Various views of Barn No 1, taken in 1913. Barn No 1. although it was the first cow barn built on the Anna Dean Farm, it would turn out to be the smallest cow barn built. Barn No 1, is also the only barn constructed with three silos.


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