Bull Barn No. 1

Built in the Roman Basilica style of architecture, Bull Barn No 1, was built to house ten bulls. Bull Barn No. 1 was built directly due north of Barn No 1. The first cow barn to be built, Barn No. 1, was built in 1909 to house the dairy herd.

In order to separate the bulls from each other, the bull pen areas outside the north side of Bull Barn No. 1 are separated with concrete posts and rails. These posts and rails are very similar to the concrete fence that bordered the east side of the Anna Dean Farm. However in the fencing for the bull runs, the rails are stacked directly on top of each other. This ads strength to the fence and prohibits the bulls from seeing each other.

This view of Bull Barn No 1, shows the newly finished Concrete Bridge on Third Street SE, and Barn No 1, which is located just to the south of Bull Barn No 1.

Taking one of the Anna Dean Farm bulls out for exercise required special equipment. Here we see one of the Farm workers attaching a steel bull staff to the ring in the bulls nose. In this way one worker could easily control one of the huge bulls.

Each bull in Bull Barn No 1 had his own interior steel box stall, with individual watering trough and hay mow. Notice that the individual bull pens are separated by a wooden partition. This kept the animals calm, as bulls are very competitive by nature.


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