Brooder Barn

The Anna Dean Farm Brooder Barn at the corner of Quincy Ave and Second Street is the main building of the Anna Dean Farm Chicken Department. This 230 foot long structure is the home of 30,000 chickens, the primary variety being the White Leghorn.

White Leghorns behind the Brooder Barn, on the west side. Total egg production per day would equal 6,000 to 12,000 eggs in the incubators located in the basement of the Brooder Barn.

The east side of the Brooder Barn as seen from the roof of the Barber Hotel. The building to the right of the Brooder Barn is the Turkey Barn. The chicken incubators are located in the walk in basement on the south end of the building. There are 20 hot water incubators in this room capable of hatching up to 12,000 eggs at one time.

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