Barn No. 1

Barn No 1, looking north in 1974. Looking pretty run down. Certainly the City Council thought so. They thought the Historical Society was crazy for wanting to save it.

Barn No 1, Looking south. The building is overgrown and looking shabby. The tile had been removed, for some reason over the apartment area and replaced with shingles.
Main silo on Barn No 1, had been hit by lighting and severely damaged in the early 1960;s. In this photo looking south it shows a temporary concrete patch job, that helped hold it together.
South end of Barn No 1, boarded up showing a new window that was unfortunately cut on the second floor, when United Insulation occupied the building. They left in 1974.
South end closeup of date stone, with the boarded up paladin window on the second floor. This photo taken in October of 1974 showed a lot of potential to us, but none to the Barberton City government of the time. The paladin window, thankfully was just boarded up and had not ripped been out.



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